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We aim to provide trending styles, aesthetics, and fashion that make you feel your best. At TYAesthetics, we believe in the power of self-expression through fashion and strive to provide a range of options that allow our customers to dress how they've always desired. Curating a wardrobe can be difficult (and time consuming!) and we wanted to make it the easiest process possible, so we curated our aesthetic collections for shopping without spending excess time. We give you clothing that is for the bold, daring, outgoing, or for those who want the most up-to-date wardrobe. Our goal is to allow you to open a closet full of clothes that reflect your unique style while keeping up with ongoing trends. 


At TYAesthetics, we did the shopping for you.

Our aesthetics and collections are specially curated to make your shopping faster and easier. You are our inspiration to curate a wide variety of clothes that will empower you and your confidence. With our aesthetics, from streetwear to baddie styles, you will find something that you can define your own personality. We want your style to get many heads to turn your way. TYAesthetics has everything you need to look and feel like an off-duty model or influencer.


TYAesthetics was founded in February, 2021 by founders Youssef and Tessa, a couple with a keen eye for trends and social-media fashion culture. They were able to identify a missing piece of the apparel market by bringing a shopping experience like no other: Doing the shopping for you.